[:nl]Knikkerbaan bouwsystemen[:en]Marble Run Construction Systems[:]

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Build ‘n Roll (Plantoys) 

Plantoys has a ball run toy called “Build ‘n Roll” which has numerous track elements. Quite common in larger toy (web)shops.

Clubknallers knikkerbaan

Plus Clubknallers

This track system was developed for a Dutch Supermarket concern during an offer in 2012. The marbles has prints with the logos from Dutch Soccer teams. [br] Very hard to get outside the Netherlands.


Q-ba-maze consists of colored cubes and some special track elements to create high and colorful structures. Quite common in larger toy (web)shops in the USA.

Selecta Variola 

This colorful ball track system is suitable for young children and has several expansion sets. It uses larger wooden balls. Quite hard to get outside Europe, try your luck on Amazon.

Techno Balls 

Techno Balls is comparable with spacerail, but uses larger marbles and some colored tracks. The newer sets are clones of spacerail. Quite hard to get (older sets), Spacerail is a good alternative.

Chaos World of Motion 

This system is very advanced and has lots of special parts, you can make very large and tall structures when you combine multiple sets.  Available in their own webshop.

Cological Marble Run 

This marble run also contains Rube Goldberg elements, but it’s not very large and has very less expansion possibilities.  Sometimes found in gadget or geek webshops.

Blocks & Marbles [br]

Comparable with Haba or Cuboro, Available in their webshop.

Plama 2D Marble Run 

Bernhard Bukard has developed this nice system which can be attached on your refrigerator or a steel wall, it uses magnets to hold the elements in place.  Quite hard to get outside Europe, try their order form.

Magnetix Icoaster 

This marble run has lots of stunts and has a mp3 player included. Sometimes be found in larger department stores or second hand markets.

Wall Coaster Marble Run 

This marble run can be sticked on walls, windows and other vertical surfaces. It uses sticky putty, but marbles flies off track easely.  Available in numerous toy webshops.


With this Swiss track system, you can create long and curvy tracks, but it’s pricey.  Available at their webshop, (now recovered from a fire) 


Comparable with Spacerail and Mabro Very hard to get.


A-bach-o consists of wooden chutes which can be stacked on each other.  Available in their webshop.


Derived from D.Y.Toy, it was a popular marble racing track in the late 90’s, it was sold at some Dutch toy shops and has special track elements like funnels, halfpipes, jumps and more. Now near-impossible to get, but there’s possibly a supplier in Japan…

Wonderworld Trix Track 

This wooden ball track has a large assortment of special track elements to create Rube Goldberg-like ball runs with lots of action! Available in numerous toy webshops.

Block ‘n Roll 

Comparable with Hubelino, but only for 5/8 inch marbles. [br] Sometimes found in larger (web) toy shops.


Comparable with most “Marbulous” and “Build the Fun” sets.. [br] Quite hard to get, availible by some Russian webshops.

Modular Marble Machine 

Matthias Wandel has developed and build a nice Modular Marble Machine system which has a prebuilt marble elevator and stackable blocks with chutes, slaloms, funnels and more. Not availible in (web) shops, but you can purchase drawings at Woodgears.ca, sometimes (if lucky) a used set can be found on Ebay.

Discovery Toy Marble Run

Discovery Toy Marble Run

Is comperable with Techno Gears Marble Mania. Available at Amazon.com

Bamboo Marble Run

Bamboo Planet Marble Run

This marble run is comparable with Hape Quadrilla, but contains also bamboo parts. Available at major online shops.

Hexbug Ball Run

Hexbug Vex Robotics

This system has some nice elevating systems, but the track layout is quite simple. Available at major webshops.

Geomag Mechanics

Geomag Mechanics

This system has some nice kinetic mechanics which can move. Available at majoe webshops.