What We’ve Learned About Every Marble League Team This Season

“We’ve definitely learned something new about every team that competed!”

Written by The Grand Marble

The official logo for the 2020 Marble League, designed by Pim Leurs of Hookstone Media.

Savage Speeders – The best team of all time.

This ML confirmed the fact that the Savage Speeders are the best marble team, ever. Many people already thought this, after their M1 win, but their time at the Andromedome has simply confirmed this. They are the champions of the ML20 season, and they are the best team of all time.


O’rangers – This team is better playing from behind.

This team had a great season and their fans should be happy. They were leading for the majority of events and they were very close to winning. But in the end, the team just couldn’t pull it out. In fact, they seemed to flip from their 2017 season, when they came from behind to beat the Savage Speeders, whereas this year the Speeders came back to beat them. This team is clearly better playing from behind, but they’re still a top tier team.


Minty Maniacs – They could be a top tier team very soon.

The Minty Maniacs had an astonishing year this ML. The team retired after a disappointing 13th in the 2018 ML, but they came back for the 2019 Showdown before just barely scraping by. Many people were surprised when this team managed to qualify for 2020, but the team did amazing this year, finishing up in 3rd. It might be a little early to call them one of the best teams, but based on what they’ve shown us this year, the Minty Maniacs could very well be one of the top Marble League teams soon.


Midnight Wisps – The Wisps are one of the best ML teams.

So many people have called their 2018 win a fluke. The claims do make sense, the team struggled, getting 10th in both ML19 and the same in M1S1. But at ML20, the Wisps were back to form, being near the top for most of the events. Despite fans likely being disappointed with a 4th place finish, this should seal the fact that the team is a top tier one. 3 out of their 4 ML seasons they’ve gotten in the top 4. 


Crazy Cats Eyes – This team is now a contender for a championship.

Congrats to the new hosts, the Crazy Cats Eyes! Hopefully they will bring some colorful events to the next edition of the Marble League. After getting 2nd in qualifiers, many had high hopes for this team and they did not disappoint, with a strong 5th place finish. I personally believe that this team can be a championship contender for ML21, and it’s not hard to see why.


Hazers – The Hazers aren’t quite at the level of greatness – yet.

This year, the Hazers proved that they’re a good marble team. However, fans might be a little disappointed with a 6th place finish after their very strong ML19 and M1S1 performances. The Hazers are just missing one thing from becoming one of the best marble teams, but they could easily reach it next year.


Team Galactic – The breakers of the “Host Curse”.

The existence of the so-called “Host Curse” has been debated ever since the Oceanics’s failure in 2019. But whether or not it was actually real, it was definitely broken this year by Team Galactic. Their fans are likely more than happy after a 7th place performance, one of the better years in team history. The host curse is no more!


Team Momo – They’re past the qualifying failures of 2019.

Team Momo had a really rough ML19 season, with them unable to qualify. They didn’t do great in the Showdown either, barely in the top half with a 6th place finish. But they had a decent year this time around, even getting within the top half of the standings. This team definitely still has a good future, and could potentially be as good as they were in 2016 in the future.

Has it really been only two months since the opening ceremony? We've learned so much since then.

Raspberry Racers – The Racers still have work to become the best of the best.

The year 2020 as a whole, so far, has not been good for the Raspberry Racers. They had the most dominant performance ever with their ML19 win, but they completely failed in M1 with their 14th place finish. And their fans certainly won’t be happy with them finishing in 9th. Sure, they may have had a lot of good performances, and they were in contention for the championship at multiple points this season, but they just fell flat in the last few events, and they’ll have to improve to become the best ML team.

Oceanics – Their 2018 season was definitely a fluke. But so was their 2019 one.

This year confirmed the Oceanics as a middle of the pack team. Not that good, but not that bad. Well, they were having a pretty terrible season again before medaling in 3 out of 4 events, but their quality in those events showed that they still can be a good team. 2018 was obviously an exception to their “middle of the pack” status, but 2019 was too. Their fans certainly will be happy with a 10th place performance, especially with beating the O’rangers in the Aquathlon.

Bumblebees – A bright ML start, but nowhere near quality yet.

There’s no doubt that the Bumblebees qualifying for the 2020 ML was one of the biggest surprises, as they didn’t really have a fanbase and qualified above several established teams, such as Team Primary and the Jungle Jumpers. And in all honesty, this team didn’t do great. But they really showed some flashes of potential in the last few events. This team was easily the best rookie team (granted, there were only 2 new teams this year), so their fans have something to be happy about. This team is not that good, but they have a chance in the future.

Green Ducks – This team has some problems which need to be fixed.

Where to start with this team? Arguably the biggest disappointment of the ML20 season, they came in as some of the favorites, and left with angry fans and zero medals. Things could not have gone any worse for the 2019 Runners-up, and it’s clear that they’re going to have to fix some things up in the offseason to compete for the title again. Do they still have the potential to win the Marble League? Yes, but it will take a lot, and it will take a lot more than the poor performance they had this year.

Thunderbolts – They continue to get worse and worse, possibly hitting rock bottom soon.

Gone are the days when the Thunderbolts are ML contenders. Gone are the days when the Thunderbolts show any bit of decency. They had one great event this year, and that was it. Sure, a couple of decent ones but they showed almost nothing. I still personally believe that Thunderbolts can make a comeback, but it seems far more likely that the team will finally be unable to qualify next year.

Mellow Yellow – This team is extremely inconsistent.

Going into the season, many people surely considered Mellow Yellow to be one of the best Marble League teams of all time. But they fell flat this year. After 12 events, they were nearly on the same pace as the 2019 Oceanics season, and even worse than the Quicksilvers in 2017. Thankfully, they were able to move up to 14th by the end of the season, but don’t let that fool you. This team had a terrible season. Despite getting 3 medals, the team finished 3rd to last. To put that into reference, the Hazers had 3 medals and finished in 6th. Mellow Yellow showed everyone that they are an inconsistent team, and while they still have some chances for success, their overall image has gone down a ton this year.

Balls of Chaos – This team needs some more harmony.

Balls of Chaos just had a terrible year this ML. They actually started fairly well, and moved up into 5th after the 5th event, the Long Jump. But after that, there were almost no positives to talk about: they only had 2 top half performances from event 6 to the end of the season. This team will really need to sort some things out if they want to replicate their 2018 success. 

Hornets – Everything seems to go wrong for them.

This team has seen the worst year out of any team, including even Showdown teams. They were invited to M1, but they got dead last by a mile. Their so-called “Queen of Speed”, Vespa, got 0 points in 4 races. Their highest point this year was when they qualified for ML20, but there was really nothing else good to talk about after that. The Hornets spent most of the 2020 Marble League season in the bottom 5, and by the final event, they were in last. This team has almost nothing going for them. They got 16th out of 16 teams in the two main competitions they competed in. They are one of the most disliked Marble League teams out there. Things are really looking rough for the Hornets, and we’ll have to see if there is any hope for this team in the future.

This year’s Marble League was nothing short of extraordinary, with good excitement, great editing, fun events, and an overall incredible production. There were a lot of twists and turns throughout the course of the season, and we’ve definitely learned something new about every team that competed!

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