About Us

Welcome to Jelle’s Marble Runs, as seen on Last Week Tonight on HBO and ESPN’s The Ocho! We are the creators of the Marble League (formerly known as the MarbleLympics), Marbula One, Marble Rally, and many other marble run videos! With superior quality, a dedicated community, and diverse content we do our best to take you with us into the wonderful world of marble racing to experience truly unique entertainment!

We at Jelle’s Marble Runs are the leading creators and innovators of marble sports. Having built projects all over the world, Jelle knows absolutely everything about making marbles roll. After being advised to include the element of racing in runs, a new form of unique and strangely addictive entertainment was born. Our videos have been covered and featured by ESPN, HBO, BBC, CNN, New York Times, Associated Press and many more. As our biggest milestone to this date, the Marble League 2020 gained a sponsorship by Last Week Tonight with John Oliver in May 2020, helping the channel to break the 1 million subscribers mark.