Jelle’s Passion

My biggest passion is to do Marble Racing, making Marble Runs and Marble Machines, the marbles will find its way through the tracks hitting bells, chimes, nails, woodblocks. My Marble Machines differs from other ones because it produces a lot of different sounds. Moving parts like tipping containers, seesaws, levers and unique track parts like jumps, loops, funnels, pinball courses and more will fascinate people even more. My Marble Machines commonly made from wood.

My biggest milestone was setting the Guinness record for the Longest Marble Run in 2009, unfortunately, it’s now beaten by someone else. In 2012 i start building my first international project outside of the Benelux in the MAD Museum in Stratford upon Avon (UK).

But nowadays, I do mostly marble racing including the Marbula One, Marble League and Sand Marble Rally, these videos are very successful and attracts large numbers of viewers and subscribers on my Youtube Channel. However, I still like to build “regular” marble runs as described above.

Commission a work

If you want a fascinating Marble Machine you can commission a Marble Machine from me for your museum, exhibition, gallery, shopping mall to attract more people. Not only children but also adults are fascinated by my work. In the MAD Museum (Stratford upon Avon), my “Marble MADhouse” is one of the most popular exhibits inside that museum!

I also accept international orders, I like traveling so I will make the journey to the destination of my work. For small machines (max 50 X 40 X 20 cm) we can take the machine as baggage, for larger projects, international shipping is required.

Please contact me if you like a machine from me.