Marble Run Records

This list shows some marble run related world records: (Longest, tallest, fastest)

Last Check: 16-04-2022 (restored from archive)

  • The Longest Marble Run measures 2858,90 meter (9,379 ft 7 in) and is made bySensirion AG-The Sensor Company (Switzerland) in Flumserberg, Switzerland, on 1 September 2017. Jelle establish this record with 210,31 meters on may 2009. The attempt made by Klaus Peter Beier in August 2014 (1413,67 m) was disapproved.
  • Longest running time (as far as known): 36 minutes on the 1413,67 meter marble run in Universum, Bremen
  • Longest Sand Marble Race:  150 m (492 ft) made by Associazione Bibionese Albergatori ABA in Bibione, Italy, on 29 May 2010.* (longest unregistered Sand Marble Race is 230 meter build by Jelle Bakker)
  • Largest total track length in a RBS: 1600 m (1 mile), the “Energy Machine” in Hong Kong Science Museum.
  • Tallest Marble Run or Marble Machine: Unknown
  • Tallest Rolling Ball Sculpture: 22 m (72 ft) tall, the Energy Machine in the Hong Kong Science Museum.
  • Largest amount of marbles rolling simultaneously through a marble run (or marble machine): 11600 marbles rumbles down in the marble machine the “Marble Tsunami” at indoor playground “Monkey Town” at Gouda, Netherlands.
  • Biggest Rolling Ball Clock: AION, which is 11.6 m (38 ft) high 6 m (19 ft 8 in) wide and 50 cm (1 ft 7 in) deep. It is located at the headquarters of Bucherer AG, Lucerne, Switzerland, and was measured on 11 March 2008. The total track length is 297,8 m (977 ft) *
  • Fastest Ball speed in a RBS: Unknown
  • Fastest Marble Run: Unknown
  • Smallest RBS: “Micro RBS” made by Niels Jalling, it measures 32mm high, 39mm long and 32mm wide. It uses 2 mm balls.
  • Most participants in a Human Marble Run: 510 people, achieved by Johnson & Johnson Middle East (UAE), in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on 1 March 2017.
  • Biggest marble run looping (loop the loop): Unknown
  • Largest Gravitrax Marble Run: Unknown

Record list longest marble runs:

2009:±75 m???
4-APR-2009210,31 m*Jelle Bakker, Adventurepark Hellendoorn, Netherlands
June 2011216 mKlaus Peter Beier, Kamp Lintford, Germany
12-SEP-2011394,19 m*Cordes & Graefe KG, Germany
April 2012523,32 m*Students of Wenatchee High School in Wenatchee, Washington, USA
21-JUL-2012649,38 m*Klaus Peter Beier, Phaeno Wolfsburg, Germany
23-MAR-20131043,62 m*Klaus Peter Beier, Universum Cologne, Germany
4-AUG-20131286,61 m*Swinburne University, Australia
2-JUL-20141288,58 mExplorado Duisburg, Germany
4-AUG-20141413,67 mKlaus Peter Beier, Universum Bremen, Germany (failed, marble got stuck just few meters before record mark)
15-AUG-20141888 m**VCP, Rheinland Pfalz, Germany (does not meet requirements)
14-May-20171918,12*/**Handwerker und Gewerbeverein, in Elgg, Switzerland
1-Sep-20172858,90*Sensirion AG-The Sensor Company (Switzerland) in Flumserberg, Switzerland

*Approved by Guinness World Records

**At these attempts, a 55 mm (2 inch) ball was used instead  of a marble. Only marbles with max diameter of 18 mm (3/4 inch) are allowed.

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