Marbula One

About the Series

Marbula One is our newest and most ambitious tournament. Drawing inspiration from the real-world Formula 1, Marbula One features a select roster of 20 teams and 40 racers that have previously appeared in the main tournament and Showdown of the Marble League. With an outstanding Season 1 debut, the series caught the eye of the motorsport community, including big creators like Jalopnik and Chain Bear, and attracted nearly 20,000 live viewers to our YouTube premieres!


The logo for Marbula One, designed by Pim Leurs.

Recent Updates

Season 4 is already complete! Check out the competing teams and athletes here.

Changes in Season 4:

  • New graphics style based on Formule 1 style
  • Most obstacles and special track parts are removed to keep up the racing experience
  • Roldo is hidden in both Qualifiers and Race videos, so keep an eye out for them!

Upcoming GPs of Marbula One S3:

  • Season 4 is already finished. Season 5 is expected in 2024.