New to Season 2. 12th Place, Marble League 2020.
Qualifying for Marble League 2020 by a hair, the former Hubelino Tournament champions have a lot to prove. Before you dismiss them for being all buzz and no sting, their first circuit race in the Marble Marathon had them consistently in the top 5, asserting them as a threat. Their mid-table finish in ML2020 was still far better than their rivals from the Bug Circuit, the Hornets. If anything, it’s now up to the Bumblebees to redeem the Bug Circuit name in Marbula One, proving to their rivals they will rumble before they bumble.

Bumble "Unbeelievable" (BMB)

Team Captain.
The Bumblebees Captain earned the team’s respect with their resolve at the end of 2018’s Hubelino Tournament, jumping and rolling down the Big Tower to complete an upset for that Championship. While still getting used to the elevated competition in the Marble League, their determination is on display when they show no hesitation dueling with the best. Their Marathon performance gives insight to their M1 strategy: a willingness to strafe, catch the draft and even get physical in order to never let those behind them pass by. But get too wild and this rookie racer will crash out, like they did in 2020’s Triathlon.

Honey "Sweet Dream" (HON)

1 ML Silver.
Honey earned their wings with a silver in the ML2020 High Jump, pushing themselves to the limit against Mandarin and the roaring orange in the stands. While maybe not being the fastest marble, Honey is a tactical racer with a good understanding of positioning as seen by their Sand Mogul Race heat run and their near-miss in the Funnel Endurance final, giving up their lead by bumbling in the final funnels. Will this be enough to give Honey the sweet taste of victory or will they get stuck at the back of the pack?

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