9th Place, M1 Season 1. 15th Place, Marble League 2020.
The Balls of Chaos tend to end each season in the middle of the pack, which masks the chaos to their name: they have streaks where they are on fire and ones where they stay behind the pack. So it was in Marbula One, where their results have been up and down. These marbles tend to have high speed navigating straightaways and good defense against overtakers, but are less adept at finding racing lines over complex turns and chicanes.

Clutter “Red Hot Mess” (CLU)

9th place, M1 Season 1 Racer Championship. 1 M1 Gold.
Clutter came into the first season of Marbula 1 with an above average performance in short sprints and a ML bronze to their name. After an unremarkable start in the Savage Speedway where they were barely out of points, they won the Momotorway GP by starting at the top and never losing the lead for more than a few seconds. Clutter’s uncanny ability to defend their gains was also demonstrated in their performance in the ML2020 Funnel Spin, able to keep out of the danger zone and finish respectably in the final round. The team hopes Clutter can continue to use their newfound defensive ability to get Chaos to the top and keep Chaos at the top.

Tumult “The Tempest” (TML)

1 ML Gold, 1 ML Bronze.
No single marble exudes the essence of the Balls of Chaos quite like Tumult. With a list of results consisting of several 15th place slumps to Marble League Gold and everything in between, the opposition is always left wondering as to this wildcard’s next move. Despite this inconsistency, Tumult never fails to deliver astounding results in the nerve-wracking final races of the Marble Leagues, with domination in the Sand Rally in 2019 and a high-powered performance in the Marble Marathon the year after. With a decorated history and nerves of steel, Tumult is sure to keep the competition guessing.

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