New to Season 2. 5th Place, Marble League 2020.
Of the four teams who first joined in Marble League 2018, CCE is the one who still needs to find firm footing. They are known for sudden bouts of speed but mostly follow that up with lack of balance and control, a big reason why they fell down the rankings in their first two Marble League seasons. After an off-season of intense training in the sand dunes, the Cat’s Eyes in 2020 demonstrated considerably greater consistency, while getting even faster and retaining a ML Record in their name. As Team Galactic used Marbula One to motivate themselves ahead of hosting the ML, so are CCE planning to carry momentum from Season 2 into a record performance when hosting in 2021.

Red Eye "Crimson Cat" (RDI)

Team Captain. 3 ML Bronzes.
With more individual events under their belt than any other team member, Red Eye’s role on the team is more like a jack of all trades. Apart from being a consistent sprinter, Red Eye takes the lead in sports like shooting, curling, surfing and the high jump. To their consternation, their bad days have them finish dead last and their good days are not good enough for gold. But after three bronzes in the 2019 Elimination Race, 2020’s Black Hole Funnel and the Marble Marathon, this racer shows they can keep their speed despite twists and turns, the most crucial skill in circuit racing.

Yellow Eye "Flashy Feline" (YLI)

1 ML Bronze.
With Red Eye and Blue Eye taking greater charge of team management, Yellow Eye used their time to train their way up to an elite athlete. They’re blessed with natural composure, rolling across the balancing beam in both Marble Leagues along with a bronze in 2018’s Ski Jump. But after coming in last in 2018’s finale Sand Moguls event, they’ve been honing their speed. Soon after skipping out to a fourth place in the Newton’s Cradle, they set the current ML Record in the hurdles before a late start in the final cost them a podium spot. The competition in Marbula One may very well fuel this racer to soar to greater heights.

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