Boa (Captain)
Charmer (Coach)
Serpent (Manager)





Marble ManiaX (Runner-up)


Originating from the triple suburbs of Cornroll, Plymsnake, and Wyvermouth, Boa, Ana, Conda, Python, and Eryx lived amidst an economic divide that plagued much of the southern Brace Isles. Despite living among swaths of natural beauty, the five grew up in living conditions that were at times the cause of infighting between the five as they worked to live off of their resources. But over time, they edged closer and closer to their dream: traveling outside of the Brace Isles to participate in marble sports tournaments throughout the world. In the early 2000s, they had finally earned enough money to do so and traveled to Lemono for a press conference, where Greg Woods and the Limers were looking to recruit teams for their Fruit Circuit troupe. Under pressure to choose a team theme that related to fruit, the five went with the name, “Zesty Lemons”, and entered the roster of competitors.

Forecasted initially to be rivals with the Limers, the Zesty Lemons instead became friendly with the Limers, to the point where the competition seemed to be getting stale. The Zesty Lemons traded their spot in the top league with the fledgling Raspberry Racers and looked for another tournament to compete in, looking into the MFC Championship League. There, the Tiger Eyes were coming off of winning their fifth title in a row, thanks to the efforts of a young and reckless marble sports promoter. The promoter, who remains anonymous, was investing their winnings to start up a new tournament called MarbleSports Evolved, a loud, flashy extreme sports tournament attempting to become the future of marble sports. When they learned that only four team members would be required to compete, Python decided to leave the team and compete in individual marble sports – they would eventually compete under the alias of “Snake’s Tub” in exhibition marble rallies that were held by the recognized Jelle’s Marble Runs. In 2016, both the Marble Rally and the Marble League began, instantly gaining the international recognition and reputation that MarbleSports Evolved had been aiming for. The tournament lasted no more than two years afterward, shutting down in early 2018.

The five journey marbles soon reunited, with Python’s career competing as “Snake’s Tub” in the Marble Rally behind them, and the other four teams out of their competition. As they looked for a new tournament to tackle, they received news that the 2012 champions of the Bug Circuit, the Scorpions, were looking to retire. Citing their interest in animals since their youth as well as their experience in marble sports, the five contacted the Scorpions’ management and asked to take the retiring athletes’ place. Accepting their request, the new roster of the Scorpions competed in the Bug Circuit, repeating championships three years in a row before receiving an opportunity from Jelle’s Marble Runs to host an extreme marble sports tournament directed by Dion Bakker: Marble ManiaX. 

Having been granted input on teams that could be invited to the tournament, the Balls of Chaos requested that the Scorpions be invited due to their experiences in MarbleSports Evolved, which JMR claimed was an inspiration for their new tournament. After much consideration, the Scorpions accepted, leaving the Bug Circuit to compete in a tournament they could have only imagined in their youth. To honor Python’s career in the Marble Rally, and in the inspiration of their favorite Marble Rally athlete, Cobra, the five took on a new name to compete in MX: the Constrictors.

The Constrictors’ experience in extreme sports was apparent throughout the five-event tournament: after handily winning the first event and earning gold in Extreme Diving, the Constrictors sent Ana and Conda into the next event to earn the team bronze in Domino Bowling. On the cusp of a championship, the Constrictors’ strength was less consistent in the next two events, following a surprise defeat from Tawny in Extreme Funnels. Despite earning a bronze in Super Collision, one that nearly was contested because of an official scoring error in the heats, the Constrictors were ultimately bested by the Purple Rockets and finished as runners-up in Marble ManiaX with 25 points earned. Although their loss to the Pinkies in the Collision semifinals was ultimately what decided the championship, fans noted a feeling of tension between the Constrictors and Strixes after the post-show, as if the teams were looking for a rematch…

Special thanks to Project Marblearth contributor Vector for helping to craft the lore of the Constrictors.