M1 Season 1 Runners-Up. 6th place, Marble League 2020.
After three years, the Marbleverse is still no closer to unravelling the Hazers’ origin stories. But these marbles are now mainstays of marble racing, capable of sprinting unparalleled top speeds over all kinds of terrain. The only times when they seem ordinary is if they start from the middle of the gate, from where they could get smacked around and go off pace from the lead. If they qualify well and avoid that, odds are they pull away and settles the score right away.

Smoggy "Smokebomb" (SMG)

3rd place, M1 Season 1 Racer Championship. 1 M1 Gold, 1 M1 Bronze.
Starring for their team in several track events and races, Smoggy is combining their explosive power with a growing racing IQ. In all of their Season 1 appearances, the Hazer racer would steal the show at least once with a spectacular overtake or duel. After the fact, it’s hard to remember that Smoggy’s gold in Razzway meant the Racer Championship felt like a coronation. Their mix of rapid acceleration and good reflexes needs to be mixed with more risk, because Smoggy can clinch the individual title through knocking out the best in head-to-heads.

Hazy "Jetstream" (HZY)

Team Captain. 7th place, M1 Season 1 Racer Championship. 1 M1 Silver, 1 M1 Bronze.
Three years ago, it was the Hazers captain who introduced their team to the world, pulling away with the leading Ice Dash time in ML2018 Qualifiers. While their record with short sprints remains untarnished, their failure to clinch in Midnight Bay is not easily forgotten. On the outside, we could speculate whether Hazy has the endurance to keep up in Marbula One, especially if they have to fight through a crowd to make up time. But for all we know, this racer already concocted new tactics to ensure they pull up to the front in the first lap. They certainly won’t tell ahead of time.

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