New to Season 2. ML 2020 Showdown Runners-Up.
To say that the Jungle Jumpers have had an eventful history in the Marble League is an understatement, from sleeping in after a chain of medals to just barely missing out on qualification due to an abrupt funnel exit. However, it is disingenuous to refer to this team just by their mishaps, especially in recent years. The Jungle Jumpers have a legacy of success in races in unusual conditions, from underwater races to multi-condition biathlons. Their recent Showdown success paints a picture of a team determined to succeed at the unexpected and jump over any obstacle in their way.

Hop "Sky High" (HOP)

1 ML Gold. 1 ML Bronze.
Hop is a shining example of the Jumper’s reputation of success at the less orthodox races. With a gold in the Summer Biathlon and third place finishes in the varied terrains of sand, snow, and water, there’s no terrain that Hop can’t handle. While the track material of Marbula One is generally more mundane, the Jumpers hope that Hop can shine where the tracks get creative with features and chicanes. With only straightaways as a possible source of peril, there’s no denying that for the team, this marble is a perfect work of Hopaganda.

Skip "Super Skipper" (SKP)

1 ML Gold.
While lacking the diverse terrain experience of their teammate Hop, Skip remains the steadfast voice of the Jungle Jumpers helping get the team organized and professional in recent years. Off the field, Skip in late 2018 moved to halt the Jumpers’ partying habit. On the field, this marble led the pack in ML2019’s Surfing, showing off their acceleration and good form. Skip’s love for the acrobatic is also seen with their perfect landing on top of a wall block at the end of 2020’s Qualifiers, or hurtling themselves at the last second to overtake the Limers in the off-season Water Race. Expect this racer to bring a flair to M1 unlike anything seen before.

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