New to Season 2. Marble League 2020 Showdown Champions.
For three years straight, the Kobalts were synonymous with “disappointment” for Marble League fans, being one of three active Marble League teams to have never qualified into the main event. This could be the year when it all changes. Much like the Snowballs in 2019, these marbles showed great coordination and consistent top finishes to win the ML Showdown. There are also rumours that in trial races behind closed doors, team members were able to stage brilliant comebacks from behind or completely botch the start of the race. It will make supporting this team a harrowing experience for sure.

Azure "Brilliant Blue" (AZR)

1 ML Silver.
Before the 2020 Showdown, the Kobalts were in contention for the worst performing Marble League team of all time, but this is not because of their captain Azure’s lack of trying. Almost every individual event Azure has participated in has been a rousing success for the light blue marble, with a silver medal to show for their effort in the Kobalts’ only ML and plenty of top 3 finishes in qualifier and Showdown racing events. Marbula 1’s increased focus on the performance of the individual might be just what Azure needs to break out of the basement and into stardom.

Cerulean "Natural 27" (CER)

Cerulean may not have as impressive of a record as Azure, but there’s no denying that the two have the most chemistry. Azure and Cerulean have been part of the team ever since its formation years back, and the two former labmates can always push each other to do their best. From an athletic perspective however, there’s no denying that Cerulean has been stepping up their game. While prior to 2020 Cerulean’s best individual result was a measly 12th, Cerulean and Royal together were able to pull off a Showdown Gold in the Black Hole Funnel. Whether or not this was a lucky roll or indicative of a successful training regimen in the offseason remains to be seen…

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