15th Place, M1 Season 1. 11th Place, Marble League 2020 Showdown (Not eligible for 2021 Qualifiers).
When the summer of 2017 started, the Limers were on a hot streak and their passionate fanbase thought they could win the ML any day now. The team’s trajectory after that was nothing but sour, locked out of the Marble League while their rival Raspberry Racers tasted real glory. A chance to turn things around with a Marbula One invite only exacerbated the team’s core issue – a lack of discipline and no way to keep good lap times for long. With their fanbase finally close to giving up on the team, the time for a team shakeup is now.

Limelime "Double Trouble" (LML)

15th place, M1 Season 1 Racer Championship.
Going into Season 1 with little expectations, most would not have thought the Limers’ reserve to carry the well-established captain in Marbula One, yet that is exactly what happened. Even if it was just a pair of fourth-place finishes, Limelime did something that no other Limer accomplished in the past two years: they performed well amongst other world-class athletes and emerged as a bright spot in what has otherwise been a very dark time for the team. If Limelime can perform similarly or even better in Season 2, that may be just what the Limers need to become a formidable opponent once again.

Lemonlime "Citrus Quickness" (LEM)

With management desperate to shake up their roster and find something positive for the future, Lemonlime has more potential than one might expect from a team as infamous as the Limers. Lemonlime has a knack for straight and basic sprint events with consistent top half finishes throughout. Even in more technical tracks like sand moguls, Lemonlime can deliver, scoring the Limers’ top result of sixth in the final event of the 2020 Showdown. The team hopes that Lemonlime might be just the breath of sour air they need in order to get out of their slump and back in the running.

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