New to Season 2. Marble League 2020 Bronze Medallists.
Apart from the Speeders’ rise to the top, the biggest narrative of ML2020 had to be the Minty Maniacs’ dark horse run. Though they showed their skill in the Hubelino Tournaments, they were on the verge of Showdown elimination before roaring back into life from the ML2020 Qualifiers. Showing both speed and control as they raced to four golds in one ML, they tied a record untouched since the 2016 Speeders – and in a fashion oddly similar to those scarlet speedsters back then. No longer the underdogs, this season of Marbula One is when the team can begin settling their legacy.

Minty Drizzel "Rainmaker" (DRZ)

1 ML Gold.
When fans were still unsure what to make of the Minty Maniacs’ dominance at the beginning of ML2020, it was Minty Drizzel who cemented their team as one that would be taken seriously for the rest of the tournament. Their gold in Funnel Endurance, won through a battle of attrition, erased any doubt of the Maniacs’ determination to win—and although Minty Drizzel couldn’t replicate their success in the Black Hole Funnel, they still contributed as a team player to get the Maniacs on the podium. Will Minty Drizzel play for the team in Marbula One, will they erode the competition for the Racer’s Championship…or will they pull off both?

Minty Fresh "Long Lasting" (FSH)

2 ML Golds.
Like Team Galactic’s Starry, Minty Fresh may not be captain but is clearly the team’s core athlete. Their stamina was well-known by fellow athletes for years, appearing in 4/6 individual events in ML2018 and both individual events in ML2020 Qualifiers. The 2020 Sprint and Marble Marathon were the first races Minty Fresh competed on proper rest and they came through with monstrous performances, such as starting from P16 in the Marathon and ending a third of a sector ahead of the runner-up. Entering Marbula One coming out of the most successful individual performance in ML history, it’s safe to say no racer is prepared to face them head to head.

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