12th Place, M1 Season 1. 4th Place, Marble League 2020.
One of the 2017 expansion teams, the Wisps already leapfrogged over most of the veteran 16 teams due to some of the smartest decision making in the Marble League. They dominate in team events with an uncanny sense of coordination and opponent blocking, except in the relay. That exception could explain why their Marbula One performance is middling: individually, they can’t reach Speeders and Hazers level speed. But with smart Qualifier tactics and precise positioning during duels, much remains possible.

Wospy "Ghost Driver" (WOS)

17th place, M1 Season 1 Racer Championship. 1 M1 Bronze.
Wospy’s final M1 placement is misleading: the last year showed this racer is the team’s speed specialist. What happened is a series of misfortunes, most notably the “whoopsy” where they fell off the O’raceway conveyor belt, an incident that led to increased safety measures. Though not as fast as the top tier, this racer is a tactical innovator, showing they can use collisions and the draft to ricochet themselves forward and catch up. The real nerve wracking moments begin if they seize the lead, because they’ve yet to show they can keep such a thing.

Wispy "Threat Level Wisp" (WIS)

Team Captain. 24th place, M1 Season 1 Racer Championship.
The tough-as-nails Wisps leader took part in two of the most iconic moments in ML history. The first was when, as a rookie, Wispy collided with Momomomo in the 2017 Fidget Spinner Collision. The second was when they pushed their competitors aside throughout the 2018 Sand Moguls, speeding their way to winning gold and the ML championship against the Savage Speeders. Although their 2019 season had another controversy over a late start in the Summer Biathlon, Wispy came back strong in 2020, placing fourth at the Razzway and spinning to a silver medal in the Black Hole event. No matter the threat, they’re looking to rise above the drama to win M1 for their team.

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