11th Place, M1 Season 1. 8th Place, Marble League 2020.
How many injuries can a successful team handle? At least three, as Momo continues to bounce back after seeing team athletes literally knocked out in 2017 and 2018.  What seemed like a disastrous first half in M1S1 got turned around once belt improvements were made. The Momo marbles then impressed with good belt exit and great steering, choosing racing lines that faster marbles can’t bother to take. Having shown they can also swim and play good defense in ML2020, you can’t count out Momo from a top half finish anymore.

Mimo "The First Reserve" (MIM)

16th place, M1 Season 1 Racer Championship. 1 M1 Bronze.
It’s hard to argue against Mimo being the most well-known and experienced reserve member among all ML teams. In 2017, this marble stepped up to replace Momomomo after that athlete’s severe collision injury. Later that season, Mimo scored their first medal, bronze in the High Jump—becoming the first reserve member to earn a medal. During M1S1, Mimo earned the first two points for their team at the Hivedrive and finished on the podium at the Razzway, earning their first bronze. Will Mimo continue to pave the way for reserves, or will age and fierce competition hurt their resolve?

Momo "Winning Dumpling" (MOM)

22nd place, M1 Season 1 Racer Championship. 1 ML Gold.
Team Momo’s most accomplished racer may have erratic performances, but when they shine, Momo is as good as anyone else. In 2018, Momo pulled off an incredible upset against Whizzy, earning the gold medal in the Snow Rally. Their dark mark would be a 14th place finish in 2017 Sand Rally, causing their team to drop 3 places, but Momo proved that they do much better in the water, earning a silver medal in the 2020 Triathlon. Momo placed sixth in the Greenstone and Midnight Bay GPs during M1S1—will they earn a medal this season, or are they doomed to the ocean floor?

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