M1 Season 1 Bronze Medallists. Current Marble League Runners-Up.
Arguably the most popular team on Marblearth, the O’rangers had to live up to their fans who hankered for a 2020 championship. The orange athletes got close – only to fall short both times. On the Marbula tracks, these marbles are fast, agile and also among the most durable, making them perpetual threats from behind. Their biggest weakness – and it’s a big one – is their conveyor belt handling, with a few poor belt exits enough to cost them the Championship last year.

Orangin "True Orange" (ORN)

5th place, M1 Season 1 Racer Championship. 1 M1 Gold, 1 M1 Silver.
The Marbleverse didn’t understand the O’rangers elevating their reserve marble in Season 1, and a poor, trailing performance on the home track did not impress. Then, Orangin showed their true potential by qualifying in P2 for every remaining race. Already methodical in qualifiers, they keep their precision in the main race and suffer less from poor steering and exits like their teammate. When one least expects it, this racer comes out of a turn with just the right tilt for a stylish overtake. Coming out of 2020 a Racer’s Championship is in the cards for them, though who knows what will happen now that they have the fanbase’s hopes on their shoulders.

Clementin "Our Darling" (CLM)

18th place, M1 Season 1 Racer Championship.
Bursting on the scene by making it to the 2016 Sprint Final, Clementin made waves in the 2017 Marble League in two dramatic showdowns with Starry (Team Galactic), finishing behind that marble in Hurdles and Sand Rally. The euphoria from clinching the ML2017 Championship faded, and this athlete’s performance dwindled up to a shocking DNF in ML2019 Funnel Endurance. With a season in the bag, Clementin turned out to have less control than their partner. Where they could make up ground is in pure speed, being the only racer to win two separate fastest laps last season.

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