7th Place, M1 Season 1. 7th Place, Marble League 2020 Showdown.
The triple-coloured Primary athletes have always circled around controversy, like disqualifications in relay races or a rivalry with the Balls of Chaos in 2018. But no season was quite like their first Marbula One season. Prim stole the attention of the crowd with their power and consistency. Their partner, Mary, was always a breath away from crashing and finished every race in the bottom two. With Mary’s resignation as Captain, a whole new era could begin with Team Primary. And even if Prim refused the captaincy during the off-season, one can hardly hide that for them this season it’s personal.

Prim "Hard Carry" (PRI)

4th place, M1 Season 1 Racer Championship. 1 M1 Silver.
Though never captain, Prim’s role expanded in the team over the years. They began putting in consistent racing results as part of Team Momary in 2018, a key part for their entrance into Marbula One. While not the flashiest racer, Prim holds the record for most consecutive laps staying in the top 5, i.e. never dropping out of it the whole season. Their excellent steering paired with a laser focus on qualifying gave them an edge on every type of course. But winning the Racer’s Championship means they need to accelerate when they’re clutch – to show mastery by going for the gold.

Rima "Rimarkable" (RIM)

Desperately looking for a replacement that can keep up with Prim, Rima was chosen over current captain Imar to make up for previously being passed over in the formation of Team Momary. While lack of qualification has given this marble few chances to shine in modern years, earlier iterations of the Marble League saw Rima frequently score in the top quarter among their competitors despite occasional poor results. Rima is eager to demonstrate that they can still perform now just as they have in the past, and bring Team Primary back into the spotlight.

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