4th Place, M1 Season 1. 10th Place, Marble League 2020 Showdown (ineligible for 2021 Qualifiers).
A rollercoaster year for the Snowballs reached its peak with Snowy’s brilliance in Marbula One and now hopefully bottomed out with their relegation zone showing in the ML Showdown. The team needs some good news more than ever, as well as show they’re not just anchored by one star marble. At their best, the Snowballs race with speed and accuracy resembling the O’rangers. At their worst their steering can be worse than any other team’s, with entire laps spent hugging one wall and bouncing to another.

Snowy "Coldest Comet" (SNW)

Runner-up, M1 Season 1 Racer Championship. 1 M1 Gold, 2 M1 Bronzes.
From lacking individual performances before Marbula One, Snowy grew their reputation to surpass the team itself. Very quickly they became known as a racer that’s not only fast, but aggressive and willing to stake out the center of the track. These qualities are exemplified by their duel with the Speeders’ Speedy, who must not have planned for a newcomer to push them out of their way and then coast to win the GP. Barring a reappearance of steering issues like what befell their teammates, Snowy is an odds-on favourite for Racer Champion this year.

Snowstorm "The Unrelenting" (STM)

From joining their school’s ski team to being invited to the Marble League, Snowstorm has risen through marble sports like few marbles have before. Although they haven’t earned any individual medals in the proper tournament, Snowstorm placed third in the 2019 Showdown’s Sand Rally, earning one of three medals towards the Snowballs’ victory. The athlete was Snowflake’s choice to race in M1S2 in that athlete’s stead. In that way, perhaps the “looming storm” that Snowflake’s nickname referenced was in fact Snowstorm.

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