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  • Documentary
    Jelle was on TV on NPO3 in a documentary about his hobby and his dream to set up an own museum. In the documentary, Jelle build a marble run in Aviodrome aviation museum. However this marble run is already removed but the marble runs in Nijmegen are still present and open for public.
  • Donation button added
    We added a PayPal donation button on this website! You can donate us to keep us rolling! The earnings will be used to purchase new stuff and to pay our volunteers for their work to help JMR!
  • Marble Teams pages update:
    We added a lot of lore/history about the Marble Teams of Jelle’s Marble Runs on the team pages. Please check them out! Thank you to the contributors of Project Marblearth for expanding the narratives of the Jelle’s Marble Runs universe beyond the videos.
  • Marbula One S3 is back!
    The athletes will come to action again after a mid-season break. GP7 is held at Om on the Momotorway. GP8 will be held in Polaria on the Stardust Accelerator.
  • New project: Marblomino
    I made a large field with 10,000 marbles showing logos and text, please check out the new page “Marblomino” under Marble Runs.
  • Hisense Marble World Cup
    We got a commission from Hisense to make a World Cup Marble Race! This race will include 32 country team marbles which will battle for the win.
  • Marbula One S3 has been started!
    The 3rd season of Marbula One has been started with the qualifiers on the Tumult Turnpike! 20 teams will compete there to start off the 3rd season which will contain 12 GPs.
  • Welcome to the official website for Jelle’s Marble Runs!
    We are working on a new website! More content will be added over time.

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