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The new hub for marble fans around the world - Welcome to the JMR Marble Sports homepage! With superior entertainment and production quality, Jelle's Marble Runs strives to create the very best marble racing competitions in the world.


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From fast-paced races to carefully crafted mazes, Jelle’s Marble Runs offers a variety of content for all marble sports fans. Whether you're a fan of individual competitors like Red Number 3 in the Marble Rally, prefer to see teams like the O'rangers work together towards the gold in the Marble League, or a combination of both Speedy and Rapidly racing to the finish in Marbula One, all JMR Original Series are held to the same high quality standard and, above all, are designed for the viewer's enjoyment. Say goodbye to boredom and disappointing human sports!

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Jelle's Marble Runs is the leading creator and innovator of marble sports. Having built projects all over the world, Jelle knows absolutely everything about making marbles roll. After being advised by his brother Dion to include the element of racing in runs, a new form of unique and strangely addictive entertainment was born. Their videos have been covered and featured by ESPN, HBO, BBC, CNN, New York Times, Associated Press and many more. As their biggest milestone to this date, the Marble League 2020 gained a sponsorship by Last Week Tonight with John Oliver in May 2020, helping the channel to break the 1 million subscribers mark.





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