Pinky Toe (Captain)
Pinky Rosa
Pinky Winky
Pinky Panther
Pinky Promise (Coach)
Pinky Ring (Manager)




Ampinktheatre (Rosaka; ML)


Marble League 2016; Marble League 2017; Marble League 2018; Marble League 2019; Marble League Winter Special; Marble ManiaX (3rd Place); Marbula One Season 3


The Pinkies hail from an island off the Asian coast that houses one of the most advanced economies in the world and is rich in both historical and natural significance. Their city of origin, Rosaka, is named for the cherry blossom trees that turn rose-colored in the first few days of spring. The blossoms bloom throughout the swathes of forest stretching into the streets as they become dense with roads, buildings, and bright lights. They bloom regally in the park surrounding Rosaka Castle, and they bloom humbly in the field encircling the Pinkies’ stadium, the Ampinktheater. The four original members of the team, Pinky Rosa, Pinky Winky, Pinkydink, and Pinky Toe, participated in kapinki theater throughout the city of Rosaka and all over the island. The four officially met while touring in mainland Asia, in the city of Hunluen: performing for the opening festivities of the MFC Championship League. The best actors in kapinki were selected to represent Rosaka in the show, and although the four had rehearsed together, it was not until they performed that they felt a meaningful connection. After their show, the four got food and attended the MFC Championship together. Interestingly enough, four other would-be athletes were present to watch the championship: Anarchy, Tumult, Clutter, and Snarl.

Pinky Rosa, Pinky Winky, Pinkydink, and Pinky Toe became fast friends. Each actor was a part of a different kapinki troupe, and thus had a wildly different schedule. It was not easy to coordinate get-togethers, but when they did, the four would constantly bring up the MFC tournament that they had witnessed in Hunluen. It wasn’t long before they began to wonder if their calling lay not in the theater—but in sports. They formed a team and began competing locally as the Kapinkis, changing their name to the Pinkies upon entering the MFC Championship League. The team did exceptionally well for being new to marble sports, finishing in sixth place in 2014.

The Pinkies found the idea of competing in the upcoming Marble League exciting but doubted that they would be invited to compete. They were pleasantly surprised to receive an invitation to Marble League 2016 and accepted without hesitation.

The team debuted just off the podium in the first event of Marble League 2016, placing fourth. Unfortunately, the Pinkies peaked early in the season and fell dramatically in the standings with each successive event, besides their bronze medal in the Precision Slalom. The team closed their debut Marble League in the worst way possible—disqualification—when Pinky Toe accidentally jumped out of their lane during their heat. The team finished the season last overall, tied with the Limers in points but below in ranking due to their disqualification. 

Entering the 2017 Qualifiers in top form, the Pinkies finished at the top of the standings. Their momentum continued into the main tournament, where Pinky Toe earned a bronze medal in Funnel Spinning, setting the tone for the rest of the Pinkies’ season. Fans were cautiously optimistic, but the team continued to place in the top half of the standings, with notable fourth-place finishes in the Fidget Spinner Collision and the Relay Run. The Relay Run closed out the first half of the season, where the Pinkies stood at a remarkable third place in the standings, and preceded Block Pushing, where they earned a bronze medal and rose to second in the overall standings.

The team seemed to crack under pressure in later events, but the Pinkies were able to turn their fate around in the final three events, earning 28 points. They finished in sixth place overall with a total of 114 points and two bronze medals, and the Pinkies’ supporters came out in droves to congratulate the team upon their return to Rosaka, with a parade and a dedication ceremony for the team’s Ampinktheater.

The Pinkies carried their honor into the next season, where they changed their uniforms to a more distinguishable pink hue against the Snowballs, who were hosting the tournament. They qualified for Marble League 2018 rather easily, placing second in Group B. Although the Pinkies scored in every event, they did not score well in every event. They ended their uneventful 2018 season in last place with 65 points earned and returned sheepishly to Rosaka after the cherry blossom season had ended.

The Pinkies participated in both of 2018’s offseason events, with Pinky Winky representing the team in the 100 Meter Water Race and finishing in eighth. Shortly after the Amazing Maze Marble Race, the Pinkies decided to hang up their original uniforms and return to their opaque pink colors. The team’s request was approved, despite the fact that the Snowballs were still competing in the Qualifiers. The Pinkies were not expected to do well after their dismal 2018 season, but the Pinkies qualified for their fourth Marble League.

As they prepared for Marble League 2019, Coach Pinky Promise was hired to direct the team. They donned the Pinkies’ 2018 uniform as their coaching uniform and got to work, taking a very active role in training and racing with the team members. Pinky Promise’s goal was to break the rut that the team had fallen into during 2018, and as such, the team’s routine leading up to the main tournament was more rigorous than in past years.

Judging by the Pinkies’ results in the first nine events, it seems that they were not responding well to their new coach. Until the tenth event, the team placed below the top ten in every event except the Relay Race, where they placed seventh after losing a tiebreaker with the O’rangers. As they headed into the Hubelino Maze event, Pinky Rosa, the team’s captain, had placed last in Hurdles, stranding the team in last in the standings.

The Hubelino Maze was a different event than most others in the Marble League: a tactical event that required strategy as well as perseverance. It was an event that a lot of teams had trouble understanding. The Pinkies were not one of those teams. The team was not deterred, and they excelled in the face of uncharted territory, advancing to the finals alongside the Hazers, Savage Speeders, and Oceanics. The Pinkies persisted, earning their first silver medal—ever—in the Marble League.

Another new event for the Marble League, Pinky Toe competed in the Dirt Race next. The course was not smooth like a sand rally but was wrought with sharp turns, obstacles, and shallow banks. Anything could happen. That said, there weren’t many people that expected the Pinkies to come out on top. Winning their first career gold, the Pinkies rose from the basement of the standings and did not return. The team finished Marble League 2019 in fifteenth overall with 97 points.

For the first time in the Pinkies’ history, the team failed to qualify for Marble League 2020. They had bet on getting by during the Qualifiers, just as they always had—but they sorely underestimated their competition. Not only did the Pinkies place dead last overall, they were never able to place above thirteenth in any of the four events, meaning that they were never in a position to qualify.

During the offseason, the team adopted a new training regiment under the management of Pinky Ring, who directed Pinky Promise to work with the team in their Ampinktheater. The team collectively decided to trade off the captainship from Pinky Rosa to Pinky Toe, a move that arguably changed the direction of the team.

Admittedly, the beginning of the Showdown looked more like the Pinkies’ typical cycle of decay than anything else—but after earning silver and bronze in the end, the Pinkies had done enough to recover. They finished the 2020 Marble League Showdown fifth, securing a spot to advance to the 2021 Marble League Qualifiers.

During the 2020 offseason, the Pinkies were approached by the former JMRC to change their uniforms so that they could be distinguished from the Snowballs. Rather than returning to their 2018 look, the Pinkies adopted a new uniform that resembled the cherry blossoms in Rosaka. The Pinkies adopted this look for the Marble League Winter Special in early 2021, which they were invited to towards the end of 2020.

As in 2018, the Pinkies hoped that their new uniforms would contribute to improved performance—but they were, again, sorely disappointed. Although they improved on their 2018 performance by not getting last, they also never placed above eighth in an event. At the end of the Winter Special, the Pinkies placed thirteenth overall with a score of 24 points.

Following the Winter Special, the Pinkies made a one-off return to the MFC Championship League, donning the brighter pink uniforms they wore in 2018, as well as when they first entered the MFC. Every member of the team except Pinkydink, the new reserve, traveled to Hunluen to compete. Pinkydink instead traveled to the Tetroll World Championship, held in Roseport. The team scored medals in many events, including a last-gasp victory over the Crystal Balls and Tiger Eyes in the Triathlon, but by the end of the games, the Pinkies finished second to the Souperstars in one of the most tightly fought competitions in years. 

Prior to the Marble League 2021 Qualifiers, the Pinkies learned that they were sorted into Group B, where they would compete against eleven other teams for one of six spots in the main tournament. Following this announcement, the Pinkies announced that they would be donning their opaque pink uniforms during the season. No reason was given for this change. The team brought these uniforms back for the Practice Race, where Pinky Rosa competed and finished second to last.

Heading into the final event of 2021 Qualifiers, the Pinkies were in last overall and their chances of qualifying for the main tournament were close to zero. This did not stop Pinky Toe from surging down the Sand Rally course, particularly in the final stretch, to win the event and earn 15 points. But with the Chocolatiers earning silver and several other teams below them doing well in the race, the Pinkies were nonetheless locked out of qualifying for Marble League 2021. Entering their second Showdown, the team now had to compete with other Marble League veterans, including the Balls of Chaos, Midnight Wisps, and others who traditionally did well in main tournaments.

There was much to doubt, but the Pinkies earned one of each medal, with Pinky Panther excelling in the funnels with silver, the team excelling in the water with bronze, and Pinky Toe excelling on the Marblocross track, winning the final event in style. The team finished second overall with 62 points, unable to dethrone the Kobalts, but able to compete and look good. Sometime after the 2021 Showdown, the Pinkies received an invitation to compete in Season 3 of Marbula One; they opted to send their Showdown stars Pinky Toe, “Perfect Pink” and Pinky Panther, “Funnel God” to compete in the coming races.

Before receiving their Marbula One invitation, the Pinkies were invited to Marble ManiaX, an extreme marble sports tournament commissioned by Dion Bakker and officiated by JMR. Despite starting the tournament in last place, the Pinkies fared better in the remaining four events, with a gold medal in Domino Bowling from Pinky Winky and Pinky Rosa and a silver in Super Collision leading them to finish third-place overall at the tournament’s end. 

Special thanks to Project Marblearth contributors Vector and Stynth for helping craft the lore of the Pinkies.