Ivy (Captain)
Rattler (Coach)
Nox (Manager)





Marble ManiaX


From a forest with the south of the Brace Isles in the distance, Ivy, Stem, and Leaf met in their youth at a camp specializing in nature films. After keeping in touch for some time, the three started attending school together as well as P.E. lessons, which they grew to enjoy as much as filmmaking. The three decided to attend university together for documentary filming and would graduate to begin working on projects across Marblearth. One of their most notable achievements was the release of a documentary feature on the rising popularity of marble sports tournaments, a release that went viral and spurred the popularity of Jelle’s Marble Runs: leading to the creation of the first international marble sports tournament, the Marble League. In an effort to help teams who applied for spots in the tournament be accepted, Ivy, Stem, and Leaf started filming short reels of races and training routines for teams to submit as part of their applications. The three were inspired to start racing as a hobby after filming for the Crazy Cat’s Eyes, having discussed their passion for P.E. in their youth and wondering what could have been. Per the Cat’s Eyes’ recommendation, the trio stopped by the Felynia Institute of Sports not long after, where they met their future manager.

Although racing remained a hobby for the successful filmmaking trio, they began competing in youth and novice leagues wherever they could find an opportunity, based on wherever they were filming. Shortly before their retirement from touring, the MarBeats enlisted the trio to film one of their last concerts at the famed House of Stone venue, which featured an opening act by Noxious Ivy, a heavy-metal duo made of Vine and Trunk. Heading backstage to prepare for an exclusive, Ivy found Stem and Vine running an impromptu race in the parking lot. At that moment, Ivy decided to recruit Vine as well as Trunk to the team. As the five exited the House of Stone that night, they became Noxious Ivy, the marble sports team that would eventually join the tournaments of Jelle’s Marble Runs.

The team’s path to getting invited to compete in any of those tournaments was as difficult as it had been for any other team that had applied, even with the videos that the filmmaking trio produced. In the end, it was not their skill, but their passion for marble sports that helped Noxious Ivy get noticed by the community. Expressing their passion to Greg Woods during a stay in Knikkegen to help film Marble League 2017, Woods connected the Ivy with the Green Gang to produce a film on the team’s performances in Season 1 of the Hubelino Tournament, and to help them train for the remaining events. Following the Green Gang’s victory and subsequent victory tour, Noxious Ivy bid them farewell and headed to Hunluen, where they tried extreme marble sports for the first time. The team would return to Hunluen after their application for Marble League 2019 was rejected, due to their similarity and close proximity to the Green Ducks, who were accepted. There, Noxious Ivy continued competing in extreme sports with their new coach from the Green Gang, Rattler and was working on a documentary feature on the rising interest in extreme sports when they received an opportunity from Jelle’s Marble Runs to host an extreme marble sports tournament directed by Dion Bakker: Marble ManiaX. 

Having been granted input on teams that could be invited to the tournament, the Balls of Chaos requested that Noxious Ivy be invited due to their proximity to The Pandemonium: and Noxious Ivy was thus the first team to accept their invite. During the tournament, the team placed in the bottom four in every event except for Extreme Funnels, where Vine earned bronze against the leading Purple Rockets, and Obstacle Run, where Leaf earned gold against the leading Purple Rockets. Having bested the champions in a majority of the events offered within Marble ManiaX, Noxious Ivy was content finishing sixth overall with 21 points, knowing that earning more medals would have led to better results. The team looked forward to opportunities that could allow them to compete on the world stage again in the near future.

Special thanks to Project Marblearth contributor Pastelle for helping to craft the lore of Noxious Ivy.