Tawny (Captain)
Scops (Coach)
Eagle (Manager)





Marble ManiaX


Not far from Olkinhem, a bustling and creative city, the Strixes spent much of their youth growing up together and practicing orchestral music, participating in the esteemed Royal Olkinhem Orchestra together as adults. Just as they strove for classical perfection through dedication and passion, Tawny, Screech, Pygmy, Barn, and Specs strive for perfection in everything they do together, from participating in escape rooms, holding quiz sessions, and participating in recreational marble sports, to competing in the tournaments of Jelle’s Marble Runs. Interested as a result of their recreational activities, they became even closer as friends when they joined the Cranthym Challenges held in early 2021, adopting the name “Team Strix” to compete in the tournament’s skill-based events, some of which were athletic in nature. Team Strix excelled throughout the tournament, earning third overall and attracting attention from the tournament’s hosts: the Balls of Chaos.

Later that year, the Balls of Chaos received an opportunity from Jelle’s Marble Runs to host an extreme marble sports tournament directed by Dion Bakker: Marble ManiaX. Having been granted input on teams that could be invited to the tournament, the Balls of Chaos requested that Team Strix be invited to compete, citing their natural majesty as musical performers and enjoyment of the puzzles offered in the Cranthym Challenges. Upon receiving their invitation, the Strixes were surprised by overjoyed, knowing at once that they would accept. They confirmed their participation in Marble ManiaX as the Strixes, honoring their priorities and staying true to themselves.

Joined by Coach Scops and Manager Eagle, the five athletes flew to Hunluen with every intention of fighting for the championship. After placing fifth in the first two events, Tawny earned a hard-fought gold in Extreme Funnels, defeating the Constrictors, Noxious Ivy, and Shining Swarm within the event bracket to win. The Strixes had an outside chance of winning the tournament after Pygmy earned bronze in the Obstacle Run and finished fifth overall due to placing seventh in Super Collision. Still, the team was happy with their results of 23 points and spoke highly of their competitors, although fans theorized that a small rivalry was forming between them and the Constrictors.

Following their appearance in Marble ManiaX, the Strixes returned to Olkinhem and received praise comparable to their standing ovations after performances at the Royal Olkin Hall. To honor the Strixes’ newfound success in marble sports, the Orchestra Conductor whom the group had known for many years commissioned a sculpture of the team to be displayed outside of the Hall, to inspire marbles living and traveling around Olkinhem to give things a go and do them to the best of abilities. The Pinkies performed a dance routine with the Strixes’ string orchestra accompanying them at the sculpture’s dedication ceremony, which marble athletes and personalities across Marblearth, including Jelle Bakker, attended.

Special thanks to Project Marblearth contributor Phoenix for helping to craft the lore of the Strixes.