Marblomino is a field of marbles placed on pegboard which allow to make mosaics with text, logos and pictures with marbles. The number of marbles is depending on the size of the field / board. The field is on a sloped surface with a slope of 10% (1 meter height difference for 10 meters length). Only one marble can set off the entire field, the first marble will hit and dislodge the second marble, the second marble will dislodge the third one and so on. The dislodged marbles will keep rolling which will create a satisfying effect, from a top view, it looks like the field (images, text, etc) is “melting” away. A Marblomino field can be started in many different ways using dominoes, marbles, Gravitrax, and more. I already made a Marblomino field with over 10,000 marbles combined with a big Gravitrax project.

I already did a test project some months ago: