Anarchy (Captain)
Harmony (Coach)
Entropy (Manager)




Tumult Turnpike (Hunluen; M1)
The Pandemonium (Hunluen; MX)


Marble League 2016; Marble League 2018; Marble League 2019; Marbula One Season 1; Marble League 2020; Marbula One Season 2; Marble League Winter Special; Marble ManiaX; Marbula One Season 3


The Balls of Chaos are one of the oldest teams in marble sports history, dating back to the beginning of the millennium. They hail from Hunluen, the most populated city in the world, as well as the largest. The city’s architectural style is adapted from the Arms of Chaos, a universal symbol that is representative of infinite possibilities by any means necessary. It is, similarly, the principle that the Balls of Chaos have lived by for almost twenty years. When Anarchy, Clutter, Tumult, and Snarl started competing in marble sports tournaments as younger marbles, it seemed extremely unlikely that the team would ever make it to international competition. The team was competing in youth leagues and placing consistently in the bottom half of the final standings, but continued to compete because they knew they could always do better.

The team kept training together throughout their formal schooling and were accepted to university on account of their marble rallying performance record, which, by the end of their senior year, was remark-marble. During their college years, the four began competing in regional marble tournaments alongside the Pinkies. They were the only team that was still in university that participated in the MFC Championship League and came very close to victory in 2014 with a fourth-place finish.

In 2015, the Marble League was announced as an international marble sports tournament. Three spots for the inaugural season were allotted to the MFC Championship League, and it originally seemed as if the Balls of Chaos would not get an invitation. The top three finishers, however, declined the invitation to stay in the MFC, and the Balls of Chaos were offered a spot, which they accepted. 

After placing eighth in Marble League 2016, fifth in Marble League 2018, and ninth in Marble League 2019, the Balls of Chaos received an official letter inviting them to compete in the first season of Marbula One. The team accepted the invitation and was represented by their team captain, Anarchy, “The Revolutionary”, and Clutter, “Red Hot Mess”, during the tournament, where they finished ninth, two spots below their rivals, Team Primary.

Although their training was as rigorous as ever after finishing fifteenth in Marble League 2020, the Balls of Chaos continued to adopt their unique style of inconsistency, ensuring room for fun to keep them going. They met up with the Pinkies and had a dance-off, the blossoming of a new tradition and a somewhat friendship-rivalry mix between the two teams. While most of the team started a slow and steady preparation for competitions in the distant future, after receiving an invitation to Marbula One Season 2, Coach Harmony selected both Tumult, “The Tempest”, and Clutter to compete in the coming races.

As winter was passing, the team was thrilled to receive an invitation to compete in the Marble League Winter Special, a small and wintery version of the League during the off-season. While this was only a fraction of the size of the full league they were due to compete in later in the year, as a professional marble sports team they considered it important to keep a good reputation through any sort of competition that they did. Unfortunately, their results were only good enough for fourteenth-place in the total standings, and they returned to Season 2 of Marbula One hoping to do better. The Balls of Chaos placed eleventh in the overall standings, only two positions lower than the previous season but still not the top podium spot that every marble team hoped for.

With the disaster of the Marble League Winter Special still hanging on to the team, they began training with passion for a new competition. True to their word, the Balls of Chaos rolled into the new tournament of Cranthym Challenges with a confident and exciting outlook. It was new, and it was interesting. The word of the competition had spread around the Marble League teams, and the Balls of Chaos weren’t alone. The Opening of the Challenges was to take place in a very large hall called The Cranthym, which was filled with marbles from sixteen different teams. The Balls of Chaos’ dance ‘rivals’, the Pinkies were present, alongside the Green Ducks and the Kobalts. The O’rangers also took up the invitation, and not wanting to be bested by their rivals, the Savage Speeders also attended.

The competition was made up of ten different challenges, where the team with the most points at the end was awarded the Cranthym Crown. It was in the closing of the event that Balls of Chaos had managed to hold on to fourth position, while the third and second places were achieved by Team Strix and the Hazers respectively. The first Cranthym Cup and Crown were awarded to the Whizlers. It was ultimately a success for the team, but would it help them with the fast-approaching Marble League 2021? On 14 May, a fourteenth place result from Tumult in the Marble League 2021 Practice Race suggested that the team certainly had a chance to do well, but the full league was coming and could bring anything.

Unfortunately for the Balls of Chaos, a series of poor results against the other teams competing in Group A led them to finish in eleventh, which disqualified them from competing in the main tournament of the Marble League for the first time since 2017. Their performance in the Showdown, aside from silver in the 5 Meter Relay, was similarly inconsistent, and they finished tenth overall.

As they returned to Hunluen for what they hoped would be a productive offseason training for an invitation to Season 3 of Marbula One, the Balls of Chaos were shocked to receive an official request from Dion Bakker to host Marble ManiaX, a new extreme sports tournament they were commissioning from Jelle’s Marble Runs. After much consideration, the team accepted and began working with officials to prepare their training grounds at The Pandemonium to host the tournament. As a result, the Balls of Chaos had little time to train in the next three months.

After finishing fourth in Extreme Diving, the team placed last in the following three events, miring themselves in last overall even after placing fourth in Super Collision. With eight points earned in five events, the team could not have failed more harshly, but upon receiving their invitation to Marbula One Season 3, they knew, as always, that they would continue to compete because they could always do better.

Special thanks to Project Marblearth contributors Phoenix and Stynth for helping craft the lore of the Balls of Chaos.