New to Season 2. 10th Place, Marble League 2020.
For a while, the Oceanics’ “Host Curse” in Marble League 2019 was the biggest story on Marblearth. Humiliated before their fans, the team went back into the locker room and was whipped into shape by new coach Lagoon. Marble League 2020 displayed all the team qualities that led them to a surprise podium in 2018: the team has excellent acceleration and can convert overtake potentials into a decisive lead. The potential for a shock performance is high – but as they learned during the Marble Marathon, knowing when to compete with other racers is key or they could get knocked aside.

Ocean "Tide Turner" (OCN)

Team Captain. 1 ML Gold.
Throughout the Oceanics’ wild ride from the podium to the pits, it was Ocean who stayed the whole time as their leader. Even after the team’s disastrous showing in 2019, they remained confident in their ability as captain. Redemption finally came with a dramatic victory in the 2020 Sand Moguls, snapping one of the longest and most brutal medal droughts in Marble League history. Ocean’s performance in the Marble Marathon, including a win in the qualifying race, revealed their potential for success in Marbula One; they will just have to keep themselves towards the front as the race goes on and break through when the time is right.

Sea "Seasoned Sprinter" (SEA)

1 ML Gold, 1 ML Silver, 1 ML Bronze.
When over the years the team needed an athlete with pure speed, the team called upon Sea, who possesses it in spades. They are one of the most consistently dominant athletes in Marble League sprint events, having the current ML Record, a gold in the 5 Meter Ice Dash as well as medals of every other colour from the track and field 5 Meter Sprint. A few outings on off-road races like the ML2017 Qualifiers Sand Rally also showcases Sea’s knack for overtakes. The big question mark will be how this marble fares in races lasting minutes on end, having next to no experience in them.

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