14th Place, M1 Season 1. 9th Place, Marble League 2020.
Steady as they go, the Racers followed a promising rookie performance in 2018 with a 2019 championship, powered by an unparalleled consistency in getting to the finals of track and racing events. Their “core strength,” not easily knocked around and handling turns consistently, was on display in their inaugural M1 season. But the first M1 season also showed they’re simply not fast, and they cannot accelerate the same way as top tier teams. What strategies will team management implement to correct this and make sure they are not stuck in the basement?

Razzy "Rider in Rose" (RAZ)

Team Captain. 28th place, M1 Season 1 Racer Championship.
The leader of the Racers blew away expectations after their 2019 performance, podiuming three times in one of the most dominant ML showings in history. They continued the streak in ML2020 and easily entered the finals for multiple track events. Should we then think of their M1 performance as a bad fluke, or due to an injury that flared up again ahead of the ML2020 Hurdles final? With the team staying silent and with Rezzy’s confidence low after the Marble League, Razzy has to anchor their partner on their own, weaponizing their experience to show the Racers can speed up on the Marbula track.

Ruzzy "Nimble Thimble" (RUZ)

1 ML Gold.
The Raspberry Racers’ secret weapon did not enter the spotlight until 2020, but there were already signs of Ruzzy’s potential with a fourth place in 2018’s Speed Skating. Coach Berry trusted in their reserve when team captain Razzy felt uneasy before the Hurdles final, and Ruzzy responded by surpassing Razzy’s personal bests to win the event. A growing bond between Captain and Reserve since that day made Ruzzy a natural pick to partner up for the next M1 Season. Fans of the Raspberries will be rapt to see if this greener marble can speed up and propel themselves into the top five.

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