M1 Season 1 Championship Team. Current Marble League Champions.
It must be lonely at the top – the Speeders are hot off the best streak in their already illustrious career, having won every tournament they took part of in 2020. Speedy’s Racer Championship caps off a triple crown. The only explanation for that is their combination of speed as well as discipline, with an uncanny ability to seize on their competitors’ moments of weakness. The only skill that could need improvement is better steering around hairpins and chicanes, which is the difference between a roaring comeback and an inability to make up lost ground.

Speedy "Speed Freak" (SPY)

Team Captain. M1 Season 1 Racer’s Champion. 1 M1 Gold, 1 M1 Bronze.
Since their photo finish victory in the 2016 ML Hurdles, the Speeders captain has pulled out one clutch performance after another, closing for the team in every one of the three 2020 Championships they won. Despite the competition, odds of a title defense still look good for this racer, who has a knack for switching between offense and defense as needed. Offense is when they went from 16th to 3rd over three laps on the Savage Speedway home track. Defense is when they blocked advance after advance by the O’rangers’ Kinnowin in the Marble Marathon, staying in front for over 20 laps to win Marble League 2020.

Rapidly "Maroon Missile" (RPD)

6th place, M1 Season 1 Racer Championship. 2 M1 Silvers.
They’re called the “Maroon Missile” for a reason – Rapidly has several podiums to their name in ML and M1 races. Always one to put on a good show, they grew their lead even while doing risky maneuvers like propping Wospy back into the race in O’raceway. But an undisciplined second half saw this marble lose sight of the Championship, and they were a non-factor in their final race on the Razzway. Season 2 is a chance for Rapidly to stay focused and prove themselves – and also show they’re better than their sibling Speedy.

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